Veggie Boxes

If you're looking for fresh, seasonal produce then take a look at our veggie boxes.  With two sizes available, you'll be able to choose the size that best suits your lifestyle.  And, for extra convenience, there's a subscription option too, with an extra discount for your ongoing support.

You'll find the veggie boxes are great value, and when we have an abundance of produce we include extra items too.   We strive to grow a large variety of veggies, and you'll find everything from carrots, beetroot, and potatoes through to tomatoes, and cucumber, as well as endive, capsicums and kohlrabi.   Just remember, veggies are seasonal, so tomatoes and potatoes won't be available all year round, but we'll be growing delicious produce every week!


The $29 box includes 6 - 9 items each week and we try to ensure a balance of root veggies, greens and other items for variety.  The $45 box includes 8 - 12 items with greater variety and quantity of produce too, perfect for families or those that love vegetables. 

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We deliver Veggie Boxes every Wednesday afternoon to your home or workplace. You can choose to order adhoc weekly (get your orders in by 8am Tuesday), or subscribe for 10 weeks and save an extra 10% for the best value.